The 10 most impressive urban gardens we have seen on Pinterest

The 10 most impressive urban gardens we have seen on Pinterest

With the change of the rural life to the big cities and due to the little reliability of the products that sell us like "fresh", it is normal that more and more arise alternatives for those who want to grow their own fruits and vegetables without leaving the building, something that Pinterest has taken care to leave us very clear!

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Grow your favorite vegetables in some style boxes vintage, and you'll see what a cute garden!

Pinterest: Ecoplan It

Green roof

If you have a roof with space, divide it into sectors ... and plant!

Pinterest: Laura Sosa


Being so pretty, it's perfect for parties! A garland of lights, some candles ... and some cocktails in condition!

Pinterest: Jenica Maldonado

On the roof

As adorable as it is functional, a wonderful idea to have your crops fresh.

Pinterest: Zen Social Karma


Cozy and surrounded by nature, an orchard where you want to live!

Pinterest: Daniel López Silva

With recycled materials

A guitar, the drawers of a dresser ... This urban garden is the most original, and sustainable!

Pinterest: Amélie Rosario

On a pallet

What a cool way to grow your herbs and spices!

Pinterest: Erika

Between levels

The facade reminds of the film of The indiscreet window, and the garden falls in love!

Pinterest: Isabel Prieto

Overlooking New York

Can you imagine having your own garden in the city of New York?

Pinterest: Haven's Kitchen

Next to the terrace dining room

Plants, vegetables ... A vertical garden is perfect when space is scarce!

Pinterest: Abdulrahman Shukry