A loft with urban look

A loft with urban look

- The rectangular plan of 67 m² forced the interior designers to sharpen the ingenuity in the distribution for gain breadth. The original structure stands as loft on which the bed rests and around which the rest of the environments are distributed.
- To solve the store's needs of the couple living in this apartment, several different rooms were located in the hall cabinets in a wall recess and as a separation wall between the entrance and the bathroom, on a lower level.

Advertising - Keep reading below Meeting Zone

The meeting space occupies a privileged place next to the window through which the terrace is accessed. Its seats are distributed in a circular scheme, with a sofa with chaise longue, a reading corner and a square pouf. Sofa, by Ikea. Cushions, by Lu Ink. The coffee table was designed by the owners from a wooden pallet treated with wheels.

Corner by the window

A cozy reading corner was created next to the window. Armchair by Ikea. Plaid, from Filocolore.

Space division between living room and dining room

The shape of the house forces to place the environments in a linear arrangement, one after the other. Here, a bookshop opened on both sides has been used to delimit the spaces without subtracting just visual depth. Carpets, by Francisco Cumellas. Individuals and utensils, from Filocolore. Canvas and fabric tapestry, by Lu Ink. From Ikea: bookcase, baskets, dining table and chairs.

Spaces with own style

This house reminds the New York lofts for the succession of environments and industrial elements that have been kept in sight. In order for the day area to receive the greatest amount of natural light, the room was located at the far end of the main entrance, which is perceived at the bottom of the floor in this view. Ikea floor and ceiling lamp. On the coffee table: metal box and candles, from Filocolore.

Maximum brightness for the living room

The house has only two sources of natural light: the window of the living area and the window through which it is accessed. In order not to obstruct the distribution of light, the window was dressed in a venetian curtain in white that lets the light through or preserves privacy by simply changing the orientation of its slats.

Elements with character

The set of decorative and architectural elements emphasizes the industrial style that guides this project.

Successful combination of materials

From the entrance to the kitchen, the walls look like a brick cladding that, together with the wide oak parquet and the ceiling beams, heats the decoration.

The kitchen

It opens to the living room and dining room in the form of L with a front of low white furniture and another that rises almost to the ceiling and in which the refrigerator, the oven and the microwave in steel have been embedded. The furniture comes from Ikea.

More than a hall

In the access, a double glazing insulates the house from the noise of the street and gets an extra storage space to store bicycles. Already in the house, in the distributor several cabinets have been designed.

A bedroom raised to the cube

The height of the ceiling (3.60 meters) and the 60 cm that were gained on the floor allowed to create a metallic structure seen that houses the bathroom at the bottom and on which the bed rests. An original solution that solves two spaces in a few meters. Ikea bed with storage.

Textiles in the bedroom

From Filocolore: duvet cover, orange quilt, quadrants and table lamp. Mauve Mauve, by Luzio. Printed cushions, by Lu Ink

Full bathroom

The absence of doors allows you to receive natural light from the entrance window. For this reason, the shower and toilet have been bounded in two glass cabins. The floor seems to be prolonged in the warehouse furniture that has been designed under the washbasins. The walls and sanitation in white clarify the intensity of the floor in anthracite tone. It is a project of CREA projects interior architecture, design and communication.