Scoreboard-based table runner

Scoreboard-based table runner


- Sheet music.

- Double sided adhesive tape.

- Scissors, pencil and ruler.

- A glass.

- Punching machine.

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If you need a die cutter, choose a model that can be used to make paper, cardboard and rubber crafts EVE, and that includes an accessory to make rounded corners. If you lose properties over time, you can sharpen it by drilling on both sides with a fine sandpaper or water.

Glued tape

Place all the scores you are going to use on the table. Glue the tape along one of the longer sides. Press with the fingers of the other hand to fix it well without wrinkles. Remove the protective tape.

Sheet music set

Glue the edge of the second score on the adhesive side of the previous one. Press to make it look good. Repeat points 1 and 2 until you finish with all the scores.

Marked with pencil

Pencil a line on the sides just where the printing of the notes ends. Use a ruler to avoid twisting. Cut with the scissors following the marked line and thus eliminate the blank ends.

Glass for circular silhouette

Place a glass upside down in the corner of one side of the tablecloth. Pencil mark the circular silhouette. Put the glass back next to the drawing and draw another circle. Repeat this operation until you reach the other end. Do the same on the other side.

Cropped silhouette

With the scissors, cut the lower silhouette to form semicircles. Start on one side and continue until the end. This will give you a rounded shape at the end of the tablecloth. Repeat the same operation on the other side.

Circular die cutter

Finally, take the circular die cutter to make the decorative holes. Insert the machine into each semicircle leaving a couple of centimeters apart with the end. Press with your finger to make the hole. Repeat the operation until you reach the last semicircle and then on the other side.