Recycle wallpaper

Recycle wallpaper

Advertising - Read on below 1 Decorative boxes

Lining with boxes some boxes of different sizes is a great idea to take advantage of them and store things and, at the same time, have the most beautiful closet, since you can choose the color of the papers to coordinate with each other.

2 different sized pots lined

The remains of some paper rolls have been used to make some beautiful linings to these pots that, in this way, are perfectly incorporated into the decoration of the room. To do this, we have made a template with newsprint by putting it on the pot. Then, we have put it on the wallpaper, we have cut and that's it. Now you just have to glue the liners with a few drops of silicone and give the whole paper a layer of Alkil to make it resistant to moisture.

3 Matching desk

To renew the folders and have the matching objects on the desktop you only need a few traces of wallpaper, as you can see in the photo. To cover the folders, cut the wallpaper leaving a few cm left to fold and paste it inside.

4 Premiere trash

An old bin has become a new piece by lining it with a rest of wallpaper. To do this, clean the surface of the old piece well, let it dry and cut the wallpaper to suit the trash. Paste it and protect with Alkil.

5 A candle center

To make this center we have used wallpaper clippings with the same tones and we have covered different glasses with candles. To hold the paper, we have used a little string in which we have passed a nacre button to decorate.

6 Like new

That piece of furniture that you've already got bored will look different with a wallpaper. Remove the old varnish with a stripper; Paint the furniture in a tone that you like, and paste the paper with latex. Protect it with a colorless varnish hand.

7 Bathroom furniture

A decorative and economical idea for the bathroom is to buy an affordable furniture of self-assembly, and before assembling the pieces, wallpaper some of them, such as the back and the inner sides. It is important that the paper is vinyl, so that it supports the humidity of the bathroom. Hensvik model bookcase; in 70 x 30 x 95 cm, € 39.95, in Ikea.

8 With different fronts

That inherited piece of furniture that you never just liked has possibilities. The question is to sand it and paint it in a color that you like. Once prepared, different wallpapers are chosen, all in the same color range, and the front of each drawer is decorated with a different paper.