Wooden ram and vertical garden

Wooden ram and vertical garden

materials for wooden ram:

- Wooden planks.
- Multisierra PST 10.8 Li, from the Bosch firm.
- Fine spray gun PMF 3000-2from Bosch.
- Sanding wood.

Vertical garden materials:

- Wooden planks.
- Screwdriver / Drill PSR 1080 LI-2from Bosch.
- Plugs and screws.
- Gutters and plants.
- Cloth and marker.

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Eco proposals: a flowerbed made of wooden dowels.

Plank cutting

With the help of the saw, cut the wooden planks to different heights. Gather as many pieces as you want, depending on the extent of your flowerbed. Sand the edges of the woods.

Plank Varnishing

Place the pieces on a flat surface and varnish them. Use the spray gun for a medium distance. Even if you are outside, protect your nose and mouth with a mask. Let all lacquered pieces dry well.

Holes in the ground

With a shovel, make small holes in the ground. Make sure there is a gap between the area you want to narrow and the lawn of the garden.

Placement of pieces

Place all the pieces of wood on the floor. Go inserting them in the holes that you have done alternating different measures. Once you have bounded your garden, you will prevent dogs and children from sneaking into it.

Placed planks for cannelloni

Clean the surface you are going to work on and mark with a marker where to place the boards that will hold the gutters. Drill the wall with the drill, insert the plugs and screw the supports on which the gutters will be installed. Finally, fill them with your favorite plants.

Vertical garden

Do not forget to choose aromatic species that permeate your terrace with pleasant smells.