10 open bathrooms to turn your house into an oasis

10 open bathrooms to turn your house into an oasis


Let's admit it taking a bath or shower is one of the most relaxing moments of the day, and is that feeling the hot water on our skin is an unparalleled pleasure ... Although if we did it in one of these bathrooms overlooking the sky, we would reach nirvana!

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Blank and with a glass enclosure ... just like the ceiling!

Pinterest: José Martín González Montagut

In the jungle

An impeccably designed bathroom located in the middle of ... the jungle! Isn't the combination of materials wonderful?

Pinterest: Sue Wagner

Drop by drop

The other part of this tropical bath, original at least!

Pinterest: Anne Tonnerre

Looking at the sky

If you want your showers to be heavenly, write down the idea of ​​the skylight. Surely rainy days are a real past!

Pinterest: Cris Cr


This industrial-style outdoor bathroom is ideal for your summer showers, although in winter it can also have its little point (if you put the hotter water than the lava of a volcano).

Pinterest: Luis Flores Abellan


The exterior wooden panel decorated with seedlings blends beautifully with copper sconces.

Pinterest: The Savvy Heart

In spa plan

With direct access to the garden, perfect for a relaxing walk when you leave the bathtub.

Pinterest: Alirio Quintero

An interior garden

This private garden bathroom is perfect for enjoying privacy without sacrificing nature. Bravo!

Pinterest: Meyke Adinna Wahyudian

A tree in the bathroom

We've seen everything, but ... a bathroom with its own garden? Simply amazing!

Pinterest: Marcelo Freitas

In the woods

This is the typical bathroom in which you could spend your entire life ... and you would remain so happy!

Pinterest: Mar Vegas


Zen style, with wooden floor and spectacular garden views. If you relax just by watching it!

Pinterest: Mauricio Robles Martínez Pare