Radical change for this Madrid house

Radical change for this Madrid house

Four years ago that Elena Gordo Moral He ran into, almost by chance, with this central Madrid apartment. It was love at first sight, a true crush that could, even, with the astonishment of his partner to find a tremendously dark house and in a sorry state, without reforming for more than 50 years. None of this discouraged Elena, who called Cristina Romero de la Torre - University companion and both architects - to ask for advice.

The yes was resounding, both guessed the possibilities of the balconies, the patio, the high ceilings ... And it was here that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir mutual collaboration in the Lapizarq architecture studio. It is a new concept that makes interior architecture accessible, which is committed to everyone's projects, to solve the conflicts of the works and to achieve places that combine aesthetics and pragmatism. Elena's home, and her first common challenge, is a clear example of all this. Pure and simple union, with direct access to the common areas and the constant flow of light.

With the sole and obligatory respect for the loading partitions, the spaces follow each other fluently thus allowing the generous entry of light from the room to reach the dining room and, in glancing, the kitchen. This, like the bedrooms, opens in turn to a apple courtyard It brings great clarity. But what really conveys continuity is the beautiful structure resulting from the works; white walls, high ceilings and a warm pergo floor of high quality, so resistant that it covers equally common areas, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.

The decoration of the house tricks the first glance; perhaps thanks to its character, so personal, in which new furniture and design pieces converge with others recovered from a container, the odd antique and memories, many memories, posters, pictures, photos or books collected in a more traveling stage.

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The two cupboards and the dining room table were already in the house, in a deplorable state; after its restoration they have become the stars of the dining room. Chairs, Tulip model by Eero Saarinen edited by Knoll. Mirror, ceiling lamp and carpet, for sale in Ikea.

Rich variety in dining

The large diversity of styles in the dining room creates pleasant contrasts perfectly intertwined with each other. The mixture results in an eclecticism of great decorative wealth. Chairs model Tulip, by Eero Saarinen edited by Knoll. Mirror, ceiling lamp and carpet, from Ikea. Vases, from Non Vacui.

Very well equipped lounge

The clarity and luminosity of the room enhanced the use of intense colors in the upholstery of the seats and in the pattern of the cushions. The side tables, on the other hand, stand out for their lightness and simplicity. Ikea sofa and pouf. Upholstered armchair with fabric from KA International. Carpet, by Leroy Merlin. Vases, from Habitat and Non Vacui.

Play with space

The different setbacks and irregularities of the structure of the house, far from being a problem, were integrated as a fundamental part of the decoration. In the living room, for example, a semitabique is excellent support for shelves with frames or to support the sofa chaise longue. Upholstered armchair with fabric from KA International. Sofa with chaise longue for sale in Ikea.

Dual purpose

In open spaces the work elements are important, since they are excellent resources to visually separate the environments. Here, a half-height wall divides the room and supports the TV, on the one hand, and as a bookshelf, on the other

Study zone

After the wall a flirty office. In the study area, chair, of Habitat. The table is from Ikea.

Work Solutions

The kitchen, organized in a U-shape, needed a half support wall for low furniture; The presence of one of the master pillars right in this area was the solution. Silestone worktop, Blanco Zeus model. Household, from Habitat.

The kitchen: all white

With the frank objective of enhancing natural light in the kitchen, high cabinets were dispensed with; the white color that predominates in this space was the best help to achieve it. Lacquered furniture manufactured by Moral Group. Refrigerator, from Smeg. Teka plate. Ikea watch.

Monochrome in the bedroom

If there is something that stands out in the master bedroom is the feeling of tranquility and harmony that is breathed in the environment. Lindve metal bedside tables, from Ikea. Lamp, by Habitat. Quilt and cushions, from Zara Home. Blanket, from Designers Guild, for sale in Usera Usera.

Subtle Details

Its decoration, almost completely in white, and the simplicity of its furniture and ornaments enhances the calm and balance so sought by its owners for this personal space

A well thought out bathroom

In the bathroom the design prevails both in the cladding, of circular tile, as in the sanitary ware and the faucets. The ceiling of this space was lowered in height to create a feeling of warmth; The resulting hole is today a great warehouse loft.
2nd Flower washbasin and X-Large cabinet, both from Duravit. The faucets of the sink and shower are Roca.

Child's bedroom

In the baby's bedroom, a base of walls and white furniture was chosen, on which stand out cheerful papers printed in pastel pink and light green. Cradle, by Gugu Tata.


Roles, Coordonné and Inke. Shelves and changing table, by Ikea.

Children's detail

Do not miss the stuffed animals and dolls, in addition to decorating your bedroom you will love it. Dolls, from Zara Home.

Plan and details of the reform

The loft aesthetic was achieved thanks to the continuity in the common areas of the house. The reduction of the load-bearing walls allows the spaces to connect with each other and the light to circulate.